Fashion boutiques in Italy

Fashion Boutique

Our subject of conversation today is going to be about the smalltime fashion boutiques that are located in Italy. There are a lot of big time designers in Italy as well as very large department stores that sell those designers clothes. But nobody ever thinks about the smalltime fashion boutiques that are not resellers and  they make their own clothes.   Some of these boutiques actually have some of the most expensive garments of clothing in the world but they have chosen not to go mainstream like the big time fashion brands. Some people just like to keep their brand low-key.  Some of the rarest and coolest brands that nobody knows about our actually the best to wear. These clothes can cost much more than the other designers and only people with true class know about them. There’s nothing better than wearing what nobody else does in a good sense. You end up wearing those brands because they are the most exclusive so nobody else gets them. Just like patek Philippe vs Rolex, these boutiques are the same.

You can find some of  The most amazing pieces of clothing you have ever seen from these small and unknown boutiques. One time we found this suit that cost $58,000 because it was made with the rarest materials on the planet. It is the only suit that completely conforms to one’s physical as well.  It takes six months to make this suit and they take precise measurements of your body to get the suit to fit the contours exact.  What is cool about these custom tailored close is that nobody in the world will have the same piece of clothing that you have. That is how exclusive these brands of clothes are.

We guess what we are trying to say is that these small clothing boutiques are really just a bunch of high-class custom tailors. There is nothing like having custom tailored clothes because like we said before nobody will have anything quite like it. When it is customary tailored for you, then it is 100% custom and exclusive to yourself.  Some people can have pieces of clothing that are similar to it because they got something from that designer, but it will never be 100% the same.

The best thing about these small boutique custom tailors in Italy is that there are so many of them. You can literally walk down one street and find 100 different boutiques which all have Master tailors in them.  There is so much more you can find besides clothing to. They have custom shoes, custom handbags, all different types of clothes, etc.   there is literally nothing you cannot find here in Italy and that is why it is the best place to go for fashion boutiques.  Our friend over at ( Pool Builder Sacramento CA) owns a few fashion boutiques in Italy himself on top of his pool building company. He says that it is the coolest business he has ever been evolved in because he gets to design amazing cloths for very high profile clients.

If you were looking for the best place to find Italian fashion boutiques, then we recommended that you go to Monaco to find these. Manako is one of the richest cities in the world and is home to the Formula One Grand Prix which brings some of the wealthiest individuals to its city.

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The latest fashion trends


Hello everybody and today we will be talking to you about the latest fashion trends in today’s world. There are a lot of different strains going around for both men and women that are very interesting and we would love to share this with you today.  We are going to dive right in and will have a list that is comprised of all of these things.

  • Kanye yeezy shoes- Deezer perhaps some of the most popular shoes that are out right now and people are raving about them. It is actually really hard to pick up a pair these days because they only sold a select few of them. Kanye West likes to do this because he wants his clothing lines to be very exclusive. This is actually a very smart thing to do because then people will be quicker to buy all of his supply. If he keeps supplying it all year long then people will not have a sense of urgency to buy it.   The shoes are very expensive to buy no because they are so rare and people are selling them for about $2000 a pair. When they come out with the next launch of the shoes they are going to be about $200 a pair so you want to make sure to get on the waiting list to pick up some as soon as you possibly can.
  • Kanye West Ripped up shirt-  another thing  this is another thing that Kanye West cells that is a very popular clothing item as well. He sells a tattered tie-dye shirt for about $400. We think that this shirt is a little bit weird because why would somebody pay $400 for a shirt that is just cut up. They would pay that because it has Kanye West’s name on it. That is the only reason why the shirt is so expensive.  No matter how weird the stylist, fashion will be fashion and that’s just the way our crazy world works.  Like we said, this is a very hot item right now and if you are seen wearing one of the shirts on the street then you will be instantly recognized and complemented for it. So if you’re looking for the perfect shirt to wear to really stand out in the fashion world, then you should really pick up one of Kanye West’s shirts.
  • Moto pants–  there is a big crazy stays for the new Moto pants that are coming out. These are very awesome pants because they make you look like a motorcycle rider. They have patchy front legs and they look tattered as well. One of the styles these days is to have tattered looking clothes. Again, we do not know why this is occurring but this is what goes on in the fashion world so we have to except it.  Fashion works in many different weird ways but it seems to always look stylish. These pants go great with anything and you can actually get them at a great price if you can go to the right manufacturer. For example if you go to True religion outlet then you can get these for about $80 a pair on their clearance website and the pants will be about $220 off Per pair.  You can find the link to that website by going here .  In our opinion, truly jeans are the best jeans that are made because they are the most stylish. Nothing is wrong with wearing a pair of true religion jeans in public, you will always stand out.

These are all of the biggest styles these days and we hope that you have an easy time finding these clothes so you can wear them and look as fresh as possible. Remember to check back tomorrow for another poster that we will be having for you guys as well.

The awesome things in Italy

This is a video that explains the top 10 activities that there are to do in Italy. Please do us a favor and take a look at it so that you can also learn what the best things are to do really.

Hello everybody and today we will be talking to you about the awesome sites to see in Italy and all the activities that there are to do. We are not just going to be a blog that is just all about fashion and things of that nature. We can  also serve to you as a blog that is about  things to do in Italy as well. So sit back and enjoy this post while we explain some of their very fun activities and places to see in Italy.

Venice-Venice is one of the coolest places in the world and it is conveniently located right here in Italy. Venice is very unique because it has some of the most awesome fashion boutiques in the world and it is also surrounded by water and has canals that you can ride in in boats.  This is the perfect place for you to go if you’re the type of person that is into romantic things and has a girlfriend and or spouse. You guys will love the things that Venice has to offer. You will love the beaches, you will love the food, and you will specially love the fashion and clothing boutiques that Venice has to offer. Venice is one of the most amazing places when it comes to fashion because they have  The most amazing name brands. They have Hermes Birkin bags and many other high-quality designer brands.

Venice is just one of the awesome places to go to here in Italy. There’s also Monaco and Greece conveniently located right next door. Now let us talk about some of the activities that are due here.

  •  Going to the beach-the beach is a big thing here in Italy because it is located right on the coast of Europe. Some of the most beautiful coastline in the world is located here in Italy. They also have nude beaches as well. So if you are a person that is into sunbathing in the nude  then Italy is the perfect place for you to come because there are definitely plenty of those around. There are also a lot of regular beaches to go to as well. The beaches have many activities at them. You can play volleyball, you can play many other sports, and it is also one of the best countries for surfing in the world.  Italy get some of the biggest waves that come to beaches on this planet. You often times she 30 foot swells that are not crazy. What we mean by that is that they flow very nicely and they are very easy to serve. So if you’re looking for the perfect place to test your skills, than Italy is definitely the place to come to.
  •  The food-the food is absolutely amazing here in Italy and you will never find anything like true Italian food. There are many restaurants in America that try to mimic traditional Italian food but they just can’t seem to get it right. The best Italian food you’ll ever find his right here in Italy, especially the pizza. Authentic Italian pizza is incredibly good and it will have you  salivating after the first time you eat it. Each time we are ready to eat pizza here in Italy our mouth’s are always watering because it has such a savory taste to it. The next few that we love is the spaghetti. Spaghetti was created here in Italy so it would only make sense that it has the best spaghetti in the world. Nobody else can get it  right like they do in the heart of Italian culture.

So if you’re looking for the greatest country in the world to come to for anything especially fashion, then you should definitely come to Italy because we are eagerly  awaiting your arrival!

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The best person brands

In today’s article we are going to be talking about the best brands of purses that you can buy if you are a woman.

Prada-  this designer handbag brand is known as one of the most luxurious brands in all of the world. They have some of the most expensive and amazing bags you have ever seen. Every bag is handstitched and made with completely authentic leather. You will not find anything that is better then a Prada handbag.  If you have a sense of class then you know that a Prada is definitely the perfect bag to buy because it really says a lot about people who know fashion. This is one of the oldest handbag brands around and fashionistas around the world Love to buy Prada bags. If you are good at bargain-hunting as well, you can  find bags for a very good price. Most of the time  hey Prada will cost you around $5000, but you can find them for around $1000 if you look very well.

Hermes Birken-  this is known as the most luxury bag of brand in the world.    Hermes Birkin bags are the most expensive bags in the world as well. Their most expensive handbags will run you about $100,000. This is because this is the hardest handbag to get your hands on in the entire world. Usually to get a Birkin bag you have to be on a waiting list. It might take years to get  these because they are always sold out. Only the richest of the rich by Birkin bags because they are so expensive. Each one is made with authentic gator leather that is only found in the Amazon. Every stitch on this bag is completely aligned at the seams. There are literally no flaws in each bag  is the Taylor pays close attention to detail. If there is one flaw, they will scrap of the bag and completely start over. These bags cost so much money because there is no other brand in the world that doesn’t like Hermes Birkin. If you wear one of these bags then everyone is going to be wondering what kind of purse you have. The best part about these bags is that they are very subtle and no one really knows what the brand is so you will not stand out. The worker think is standing out because your bag has jewels on it or something silly like that.

Coach- coach bags are some of the best handbags in the world becuas it is a luxury bag brand that the normal person can afford.  It speaks to a much larger audience then either Hermes Birkin or Prado. These bags cause a significant less amount of money. Your average coach bag comes at a retail price of about $200. That is a much better price that the regular  middle-class person can afford. Coach actually makes a lot more money than the other brands because it sells bags to so many more people. We recommend that you get a coach purse because Prada isn’t necessarily better. It is just consider to be better because of its name.

these are the top three handbag brands in the world and we definitely recommend that you pick up at least a bag from each of these brands. A good place to find thanks for a great price is They have a lot of the greatest bags you can find.

High fashion in Italy

High fashion

Today we are going to be talking about high fashion here in Italy. As you know, Italy is one of the best known fashion areas in the world. Models come from all over to fashion shows that are held here in Italy. Italy has some of the greatest fashion around and some of the greatest styles. The high fashion shows are another story. Hi fashion was basically created here in Italy and has been around for about 50 years. I fashion is different then regular fashion. This is where designers bring their crazy things together  high-fashion was basically created here in Italy and has been around for about 50 years. I fashion is different then regular fashion. This is where designers bring their crazy things together to  show off how creative they are and their airtistic sides. Hi fashion events are very fun fun because you get to see all kinds of different crazy styles.

Another awesome thing that you get to see it looks that designer brands will be releasing in the next clothing season. On top of all the crazy suits that they will have their models wearing. They are going to have some models walk out with some of the new collections of the next year.   Will be a chance for you to get a glimpse of what you can expect to buy next season.

Why high fashion is so much better in Italy then any other place in the world.

Why high fashion is so much better in Italy then any other place in the world. Hi fashion is so much better here in Italy because of the fact that this is where it was originated. You see some of the craziest high fashion designs here in Italy. We have the most creative minded designers and artists out of any other nation. All of the top designer brands come from Italy and that is for a reason.

If you are looking for the greatest high-fashion in the world, then Italy is definitely where you need to come because you will definitely see a good show.

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The Italian fashion blog

Brand-new blog that is all about Italian fashion and certain Italian looks. Italy is known as a very well-known country for high fashion. We have companies like dolce and Obama and many other designer brands. This is one of the fashion capitals of the world and in this blog we are going to Cici about all the different fashion styles.

Are so many different fashion styles to choose from especially here in Italy. We will be writing posts about reviews of certain different fashion styles as well as what kinds of clothes you should wear if you come to the country of Italy.

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